Routine Inspections

Regular property checkups that protect tenants and ensure legal compliance

Renting out your property isn’t just about receiving a stable income every month. You have legal obligations to fulfill under Landlord-Tenant Law, and that includes property maintenance. This means you have to keep the property clean, habitable, and safe. You must comply with all building codes, maintain common areas, and ensure all crucial services, like plumbing and electricity, are working properly.

Fortunately, Motor City Property Managers does everything for you. We inspect your properties regularly and notify you when we spot problems with your appliances, air conditioners, plumbing, furnace, water heaters, mechanical systems, and in the property itself. Through our routine inspection service, we verify whether all these property guidelines are met to guarantee tenants are secure and legal obligations are adhered to.

Rest easy knowing your property abides by stringent safety regulations

MCPM routinely inspects:

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